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These are some of my photos from my six months on the Vandergrift Fire Support Base.  In the monsoon season everything turns to a sticky mud, usually ankle deep or more.  When it dries out, there is nothing but dust just as deep.  

Our first nights there were spent on the ground or with sandbags about two rows high.  It took months to get bunkers built and most of those were above ground.

Operation Dewey Canyon II/ Lam Son 719  1971

My guys at Vandergrift on an M88 tank recovery vehicle. One .50 Cal machine gun and one M60 machine gun.

A dozer dug out most of the dirt.  The rest was by hand.  This is me taking my turn in the hole.

Our shower with storage below.

Eight months in country and I am ready

for R&R.  I got on a convoy from Vandergrift in the afternoon and left the next morning on a C-130 to Saigon where I caught a flight back to the US for a two weeks R&R.

This is the entrance to the bunker shown above.  We added more culvert and dirt to create a 90 degree turn to get into it.

CLICK HERE to read about the Dewey Canyon II / Lam Son 719 Operation and the road to Vandergrift.  My company detachment pulled field maintenance and recovery operations on a lot of these trucks.