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This is a buggy built on a copped Dodge pickup frame with a 365 Caddy V8 with an auto transmision.  It was built in the 60's and parked here in the Arizona desert in 1972.  A few parts (Carb., one seat, radiator cap) were taken off of it over the years.  The seat remaining is out of an old Piper Cub plane.  As you can see the tires are flat.  With the new tires on it and the help of my friend Tom Merten, we were able to pull it up to his house in Apache Junction, AZ.  It rolled real easy and nothing was frozen up.  That dry desert air helps preserve things.  I will pick it up and bring it back to Lucile were I can start work on it.  I plan on turning it into a real "RAT ROD" complete with all the rust it will stand.  I went back with a car trailer and hauled it to Lucile.

A sand buggy from Apache Junction, AZ

This is the way we found it.

It took a while to get the wheels off.

It might look this way one day.  Photoshop is easier than the actual build.