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Wayne Hunsucker  
My Web Site from Lucile, Idaho

Cars and other things I find of interest.

I developed this web site to give my friends and family a place to see what’s going on in Lucile.

I will occasionally put other things on here that get my attention or activities that Missy and I have done.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks for visiting my web site.

In addition to the US flag, I fly the Marine Corps flag.  Although I was in the Army, I fly it in remembrance of Missy’s father who was a marine in WWII and fought in the Marshal Islands in the Pacific Arena.  He was one of the lucky ones that came home in one piece.  

I also fly it in remembrance of my neighbor and best friend who passed away last April at at the age of 87.  He was only 17 years old when he joined the Marines in WWII.  He fought in the Battle of Tarawa in the Pacific where he was wounded and lost one eye and lots of other damage.  He was helping other wounded back to cover when he was hit by an exploding shell.  Please look it up on You Tube.

I fly the flag for them and all the others who have given so much during the history of our United States.